Don't Do Drugs During These 5 Coachella Acts
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 08, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    When some people think of festivals, they think, "Drugs!" But sorry to break the news to you... Some acts are simply not suitable for that ish. For example, if I were to *hypothetically* take drugs and then go directly to a live Death Grips show, I'd probably cry. Cry a lot and then call my mom because I'm a big baby. Check out these acts that don't need any drugs to enhance the, er... "experience."

    1. Death Grips

      • Death Grips are scary enough when sober, why would you want to add to that? Between all of the frantic screaming and jolting beats, Id probably have a heart attack. Quick, hide.

    2. Foals

      • The bands lead singer, Yannis Philippakis, is known for getting a little crazy at shows. He tends to climb to the highest place in sight and then jump. Yup, he jumps right onto the crowd. It actually makes for a pretty bad ass show, but youll want to have a clear head and be able to fend for yourself when its happening.

    3. Shamir

      • Doing drugs while listening to Shamir will cause a lot of confusion We think even the singer himself is confused. His music is cool, but you may grow a bit delirious.

    4. Alessia Cara

      • This newcomer is so sweet and innocent, why would you ever want to associate drugs with her music? Its not exactly turn up music, in fact, if you havent been living under a rock, you should know its the polar opposite of turn up music. Her debut single, Here, was all about wanting to ditch a drug-infested party so she could go home and watch Netflix with her day ones.

    5. M83

      • You may think that M83 is the perfect band to listen to while on drugs, but think again. After listening to their newest single, Do It, Try It, their music is getting way trippier. Which means you dont even need anything to enhance the trippiness. Its already there!

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