PREMIERE: YOUTHful Nostalgia
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 08, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    As I was listening to "Start Again" -- the churning bit of guitar-driven pop-rock from Nashville artist YØUTH that we're premiering today -- I was transported back to elementary school and to long car-rides with my mother as we listened to the radio. It wasn't an intentional mental journey; I didn't set out to take a trip down memory lane. But there was something so deliciously late 90s about the track that I got swept away in a whirlpool of memories.

    "Start Again" offers more than nostalgia though. It also offers razor sharp production and a hint of power-pop sensibilities bubbling beneath the surface. Julian Dente, the face behind YØUTH, was raised by musician parents on the road and there's a sense of unbridled horizons on "Start Again" that speaks to his upbringing. Dente has a Pledge Music campaign which you can find here, and we're excited to hear more from this talented young artist.

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