Etsy's Most Metal Merchants
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 08, 2014

    • Posted by: Anthony Toto

    Heavy metal bands and fans are known to exceed the already stretched boundaries of the fashion world when making statements with style. Whether it's a t-shirt with bleeding skulls or a jean jacket patched together with band logos, metal fans wear their taste in music as a badge of honor. It comes as no surprise that the world of headbanging hooligans and DiY craftsmen (and women) have long been working side-by-side. Similar to the world of metal, Etsy's catalog of handmade quality shit comes in all shapes and sizes, and plenty of its merchants are metal-heads themselves...

    Angus Young "You Slept All Night Long"

    When Brian Johnson utters the words, "Back in black/I hit the sack," imagine coming home from a long day of work and crashing on the couch with an Angus Young pillow!

    Anthrax Fistful of Christmas

    What metal "Madhouse" wouldn't cherish its Anthrax Christmas stocking during the holiday season? Even Santa Claus would get caught in a mosh for this jolly ole' stocking.

    Cat Sabbath

    Ozzy wouldn't dare bite the head off this cat! Any time a cat holds a Gibson SG, our checkbooks are open.

    Corey Taylor "Snuff" Animal

    Slipknot symbolizes anything but cute and cuddly, yet the thought of a Slipknot stuffed animal is pretty priceless for the parent "Pyschosocial" enough to buy one for their kids.

    Golden Pantera

    Are you trying to tell your girlfriend, "All I wanted / Was the keeping / Of someone like you?" Well, if you're trying to make "This Love" last, nothing screams commitment like a golden Pantera.

    Eddie's very own Iron Maiden

    This product placement brings a new meaning to the term Killers! Notice how the words Iron Maiden coordinate with her chest, Eddie looks pretty happy now that he finally found his Iron Maiden.

    Judas Priest Snacking for Vengeance

    What more needs to be said? Metal fans everywhere should clamor for a Judas Priest snack bowl made out of recycled vinyl from Defenders of the Faith. Judas Priest always defended the genre of metal and now they defend our chips! If your guest tries to help themselves, "They got another thing comin'!"

    Killskirt Engage

    Metal fans might seriously "Strain their eyes when hoping to see the girl with the Killswitch Engage skirt again."

    Metallica In Wonderland

    Metallica released a feature-length film in 2013 called Through The Never. Well, I guess this shirt reveals 'the never' is actually in wonderland! Maybe we'll get a sequel called Metallica In Wonderland? On behalf of the metal community, the world is ready for a Disney princess who plays guitar and wears Metallica tees. Metallica In Wonderland will follow Alice's drug-induced journey as she discovers the Master of Puppets.

    Astro Baby 2000

    How could I top "More Baby Than Baby?" If a family is metal enough to buy a White Zombie baby onesie, I'm sure they "Thunderkiss" their child enough to show their affection.


    With a fanbase primarily composed of males, I'm sure Slayer listeners would rain more than blood for the chance to date a girl with 'Slaygings.'

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