t.g.i. mixtape 102 curated by dom
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 08, 2011

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    Dom's mixtape for us was so influential and unique, we actually went out and bought a few records based on their tracks. Get your fix of interesting, left-of-center music from all walks of the history of recordings, from acid rock to blog bait, it's all here. Jump on it.

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    1. "She Bangs The Drums" - The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses

    This song makes me wanna jump in the pool.

    2. "Spin The Bottle" - Juliana Hatfield Three - Become What You Are

    This remains one of my fav songs eva. great music vid too, directed by Ben Stiller with clips from Reality Bites.

    3. "Animal" - King Tuff - Was Dead

    This one's a party starter. You'll be pushing your friends around, rippin' your shirt off, pouring beers on your head etc. once you crank this number.

    4. "Low Place Like Home" - Sneaker Pimps - Becoming X

    This song makes me wanna do drugs.

    5. "Angelf*ck" - The Misfits - Static Age

    Party goth!

    6. "Song To Cheer You Up" - Keep Shelly In Athens - Single

    Song is good background music for getting stuff done. Or for your 'wake up in the morning' mix.

    7. "Black Cat" - Broadcast - Tender Buttons

    The static bit crushed keys that will make you reach for your cell phone and melancholy female vox make this song.

    8. "Waitress In The Sky" - The Replacements - Tim

    It's never been so fun to listen to someone be a real jerk.

    9. "Don't Break The Needle" - J Roddy Walston and the Business - Don't Break The Needle

    I hate blues but this I IV V joint is wild. The whole record is full of intense catchy vocal hooks, deep lyrics, rockin guitars, and a wailing piano. This song is a real hit.

    10. "Dragonaut" - Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain

    This song rips. 'Ride the dragon toward the crimson eye' dawg.

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