young knives get hands on with superabundance
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 08, 2008

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    More dance worthy tunes from a group of geeky Englishmen (say, didn’t we sort of do this yesterday?), though these lads here can lay claim to the fact that they have been getting down since the early ‘00’s. That might even place Oxford’s Young Knives in the category of forerunners, or forerunners to England’s post punk revival anyway. Whatever the case, the point of all this is Young Knives have been slaying it for almost six years now. And if you’ve been a band for six years….why, you should have a number of albums.

    Turns out Young Knives do. In fact, with three in the bag, and another one on its’ way, these dudes are working up quite a catalogue. On April 22nd, Young Knives will release Superabundance. Says the official press release:

    Superabundance is bigger, more beautiful, bracing, and more direct and compelling than any of their previous work. It is the sound of a band not only enhancing the dexterity, eclecticism and integrity of their debut, but redefining the stakes of what the band is, dispensing a wider set of tools, and deriving from a greater, more vivid pool of inspiration.

    Constantly evolving, consistently shifting, and always appealing, Young Knives' comeback is the most important and influential of our decade so far, a band destined to redefine genres, better lives, and - for the first time with this album - touch its listeners.”

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