IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 07, 2017

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

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    Gorillaz - "Let Me Out (ft. Mavis Staples & Pusha T)"

    This song sounds like a quality Gorillaz song but they add in the soulful lushness of Mavis Staples and the twist of hip-hop from Pusha T. There's a bass-heavy clap with Damon Albarn's semi-creepy, poised vocals spread throughout the track. It's definitely my favorite of the singles we've already heard from their upcoming album, Humanz, (out April 28th!).

    Alt-J - "In Cold Blood"

    Since this song came out about a week ago, I don't think I've gone a day without listening to it. It's much more anthemic than any of Alt-J's previous work but they didn't steer away from their sound too much. I love all the horns throughout the track and the build-up at the end is the perfect way to finish.

    Alexandra Savior - "Girlie"

    This song is so relaxing for me. Alexandra Savior has these long, drawn-out retro vocals that lure you into each song. "Girlie" is playful and charming and for only 21-years-old, Alexandra Savior has a old-school voice that is way beyond her years.


    Little Simz - "Picture Perfect"

    This song reminds me of Missy Elliott circa the early 2000's. It has this nasty beat that you won't be able to shake. I mean, you might want to shake your bum because this song is so lit. Little Simz is so talented. Not only is she a lyrical mastermind, but she also plays the guitar. I saw her perform last night at House Of Vans in Brooklyn and there's something soothing about her performances. Similar to a poetry slam, you will follow every word and become instantly captivated. If you haven't heard of the UK rapper/singer, you have got to check her out, pronto.

    Crystal Fighters - "At Home"

    I have this passionate love for Crystal Fighters. The 5-piece electronic folk band creates music that evokes love, unity, and happiness. I know that sounds corny, but I swear their music will make you so happy. "At Home" has gorgeous melodies and tribal percussions that will take you on a mental trip to paradise. In this day and age, I think everyone would benefit from listening to Crystal Fighters.

    Tei Shi - "Say You Do"

    Tei Shi released her new album Crawl Space a week ago, and it's fucking incredible. The Argentine indie pop singer's voice shines in "Say You Do." The lyrics express that Tei Shi is in fact more mysterious than she may seem. She doesn't want her lover to know her fully, and claims he doesn't know her at all. Towards the end of the song, we start to think that Tei Shi is putting up a defense mechanism, afraid to get too close to someone she may not fully trust. Maybe it's time for me to take this to Okay, I'm done.


    Father John Misty - "A Bigger Paper Bag"

    Well finally I can talk about how this is probably my favorite song off of the new Father John Misty record, Pure Comedy, which dropped today. "You be my mirror, but remember, there are only a few sides I tend to prefer," FJM sings flamboyantly. Us narcissists must come together and appreciate this line.

    Skepta - "No Security"

    Skepta is such a dynamic rapper and the beat is incredible - I'm not a huge rap head but I could listen to this forever.

    Formation - "Pleasure"

    I *clap* LOVE *clap* THIS *clap* SONG! That disco beat, the cowbell - they're like a more modest version of LCD Soundsystem with more edge. Doesn't that sound like a dream to you? I can't stop dancing. *Dances away*.

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