Why Caveman Have One Of Our Most Anticipated Records of 2016
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 07, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    You never know when that moment is going to arrive when a record that's coming out becomes one of your most anticipated of the year, but you do know when it arrives. As soon as we heard "Lonely Town" from Brandon Flowers last year, we knew that The Desired Effect was going to be something special, and when Carly Rae Jepsen dropped "Your Type," we were pretty sure she was on the verge of releasing what would become her pop masterpiece, Emotion. And now with "80 West," Brooklyn rockers Caveman have leaped to the front of our most anticipated records of 2016.

    We shot Caveman during SXSW as part of a series of truly gorgeous sessions the day before our raucous day party. And whether you've known them since their debut record CoCo Beware or you're just getting into them on this current album cycle, the band has been churning out atmospheric and foot stomping indie rock for a while now, and "80 West" might be the best track we've heard from them yet.

    With a sound on this track that recalls the best of Lost in the Dream-era The War on Drugs with the warmer vocals and more lush production that we've come to expect from Caveman, "80 West" is one of the freshest and most head-space ready tracks of 2016 so far. And between it and the other singles that we've heard from Caveman's evocatively titled upcoming record, Otero War, the wait til June is starting to feel a wee bit interminable.

    Dig into CoCo Beware (an album I only discovered recently but that was immediately worth my time). Dig into their self-titled. Listen to all of the new singles from the upcoming record. And when you've done that, we're pretty sure you'll understand why Otero War is one of our most anticipated records of 2016.

    And while you're at it, dig into our concert with Caveman from 2013.

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