TGI Mixtape: The Ready Set Embraces The 80s
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 07, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    We don't know about you, but we're always curious what music our favorite musicians are bumping. If they're making music that we love, then it's clear that they probably have pretty solid taste in music themselves. Fort Wayne, Indiana, electropop artist The Ready Set took the time to make a playlist of tunes that he was listening to in the lead-up to his new record I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love which is due out tomorrow, 4/8. And with artists from Genesis to Toto to the Cure, you can definitely feel the love of the 80s (and plenty of contemporary artists) with this list. Dig it below and be sure to check out the record when it drops tomorrow.

    Genesis - "Invisible Touch"

    The Ready Set: This vibe instrumentally was a big inspiration to me. A lot of the songs on the album have sort of an 80s vibe to them- the big drums, Juno-style sounds, and vocal production style.

    LANY - "ILYSB"

    I found out about this band halfway through making my album, and I was instantly into them because some of their style reminded me of how my album was coming together. It's minimal and stripped down but still super pop. On my album, I was trying to keep things as minimal as possible, so it was cool to see that stripped back style being applied with LANY as well.

    Matoma - "Old Thing Back"

    I kept hearing this song on playlists at parties, and I'd get stoked because I love the chorus on this. It's so bright and bouncy - sort of the opposite of how hard the lyrics are in it. I have a bit of tropical house-influenced stuff on this album; I think those types of drops are really cool and have this melancholy but also happy feeling to them.

    Hunny - "Natalie"

    I went and saw this band in LA and I thought they were awesome. It reminded me of The Cure so I instantly liked it. I love the overall vibe of desperation in this song. I realized there is a lot of that on my album after going back and listening to it.

    Passion Pit - "All I Want"

    The production of this song was cool to me immediately because of the massive dry sounding drums. I did something similar to this on my song "Concrete". The song is almost entirely based around a kick and snare with very little else going on.

    Toto - "Stop Loving You"

    This goes back to the Genesis song for me- this overall style is exciting to me, maybe because I wasn't around to enjoy it at the time. The 80s had so many classic sounding pop songs that, to me, are so good to draw inspiration from.

    The Cure - "Close to Me"

    I heard this song for the first time when I was 12 or 13 in a skate video, and I've been listening to it a few times a year ever since then. It's always stuck with me because I'm drawn to things that sound happy with depressing lyrics. That type of contradiction is awesome and a good chunk of my new album tends to fall into that.

    The Smiths - "Bigmouth Strikes Again"

    Originally I heard the Placebo cover of this song and thought it was sick, then realizing it was originally by The Smiths I went back through The Queen Is Dead and listened to that whole album a bunch during the time I spent writing. Not sure if it really influenced me a ton, but it was definitely on the playlist.

    The Japanese House - "Sugar Pill"

    This is such a cool project- what inspires me the most is all of the interesting sounds, transitions, and overall production style. It sounds very loose but also incredibly concise and thought out, which is, in my opinion, a hard balance to maintain.

    Wet - "Don't Wanna Be Your Girl"

    Some of my friends I work with got me into this band near the end of when I was working on the album. Again, I love really minimal ethereal stuff, so I'm super into it.

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