PREMIERE: Running Young Runs Away With Familiar Sounds
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 07, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    I listened to "Did You See" -- the opening track off of the We Are the Sons EP from pop-rockers Running Young which we're premiering today -- nearly five times in a row as I tried to answer one question: what sonic touchstone keeps forcing my brain to play "make that connection?" I eventually realized that it was the primary guitar on the track which features that proto-punk filtered through pop feel of U2's The Edge. But as soon as that realization hit, I felt my brain being torn in a thousand other directions as I pinged on different influences in the band, and there were more than I could properly account for.

    Running Young was formed after the near death of lead singer Joel Famularo, and there's a desperate clutching to life on each track on the EP. And that exultant desperation is clinged with a mix of 80s U2 bombast, Phil Spector walls of sound, and the intimacy of the best modern songwriters. There's even a bit of soft 90s radio alt rock present on the record. Yet despite all the clear signifiers for their music, there are no other bands that sound quite like this. Running Young escaped death, and they brought instantly radio ready tracks out on the other end.

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