RDGLDGRN Fly Their Colors
    • MONDAY, APRIL 07, 2014

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    We're pretty stoked the members of RDGLDGRN recently swung by the Baeble compound. This flashy trio is on the right kind of ride; one that started in their hometown, Washington DC, before magically streaking across the internet and landing them at dream studio Sound City working with none other than Dave Grohl (who played drums on their most recent, self-titled album) and Pharrell Williams (who helped write and produce stand-out single "Doing The Most"). For a band pushing a single about simplifying things, they are now insanely busy, impressing exuberant gatherings with their dynamic mash up of hip-hop inspired punk and indie rock. Recently, we somehow lured them with a couple of beat up acoustic guitars for their first ever stripped-down session...yeah, we might have, sort of, kind of tricked them.

    Oh well! In addition to the carefree session we premiered last week, the guys also sat down and told us all about what's happening in their whirlwind lives. From our perspective, they're still making sense of it, trying to stay humble in the face of such accomplishment. They also have quite a sense of humor about it. "When I was in high school I actually had Dave on my binder," jokes Gold. "I tell him that every second I see him because it makes him very comfortable."

    In all seriousness, it must be a bit scary to suddenly find yourself working with such titans of industry. But the band's new album sounds like the product of a completely comfortable environment. "They (Grohl and Pharrell) are really humble guys and we are basically students that are not worthy," explained Gold. Not so, said anyone ever who has had the chance to see what they guys can do to a stage. RDGLDGRN channel the heritage of their hometown with ripe punk energy and go go drumbeats, ultimately spinning out the kind of ear worms that will knock around your head for weeks (just ask anyone here). Sure, our particular session with the band was a little unique. "With the acoustics you get a nice misrepresentation of it all," Red laughed. But it also paints their songs in a new light (not necessarily new colors though...that would involve a name change). Either way, whether checking out the band's interview, gazing at our session, plugging into the new album, or plunking down a few dollars to see them, I think you'll agree RDGLDGRN are one of the most exciting new artists you'll likely encounter.

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