Out And About: HOLYCHILD at MoMA
    • MONDAY, APRIL 07, 2014

    • Posted by: Ilana Kaplan

    Although Sunday nights are usually best spent lounging on your couch watching HBO, eating colorful doughnuts while listening to HOLYCHILD at MoMA wasn't a bad way to end the weekend.

    In celebration of the band's debut EP Mindspeak, HOLYCHILD took over MoMA with colorful cotton candy, an open bar, dancing and a video exhibition. The band's music was featured alongside Robert Heinecken's artwork as both represent empowerment, cover objectification and emotional desolation. In between the performance and DJ sets, '90s R&B hits got all of the cool kids dancing.

    HOLYCHILD's Liz Nistico strutted on stage in a choker and a neon dress singing tracks from the band's EP including "Playboy Girl," "Every Time I Fall" and "Happy With Me." The feel-good music made everyone get up and dance, while Nistico was extremely grateful for being able to perform in such a cool place.

    The band definitely has a stage presence with multiple sets of drums and constant dancing. It will be really exciting to witness this new group's progressions throughout this year and to see how their live performance will evolve now that they're working with Glassnote Records. We can only hope that there will be sugary, candy-coated doughtnuts at every HOLYCHILD show in the future.

    Photos by: Alex Reside

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