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    • THURSDAY, APRIL 07, 2011

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    For most, the first week of April is plagued with bleak weather reports and the restocking of allergy meds. But we know that Claritin can't relieve your pre-spring blues, so we're providing you with our favorite remedy, and it comes in video form! This week's collection of videos include an outstanding cover of a Wilco track, by our favorite folk-sters, The Low Anthem. The National provide us with a music video to accompany their song written for the film, Win, Win. Kurt Cobain is remembered on the day of his passing by Jared Leto's eerie impersonation. Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" receives a classical face lift. And finally, we witness the buzzed about "You Are A Tourist" music vid that Death Cab For Cutie produced in a savvy fashion. Enjoy the videos!

    The Low Anthem- "A Shot In The Arm"

    It's no secret we're big fans of Rhode Island's The Low Anthem, especially after hosting their ecclectic musical offerings in our Guest Apartment. We were psyched to discover they recently visited the Onion A.V. clubs Undercover series, playing one of our favorite Wilco tunes (totally all spaced out, as they do).

    Don't miss their off-the-wall performance in our Guest Apartment. As with the AV session, they brought their own pocket organ (epic).

    The Low Anthem covers Wilco

    The National- "Think You Can Wait"

    Nothing like a little batch of outtakes to go with an original National-penned song. Add guest vocals by GA visitor Sharon Van Etten and it's win-win-win. Speaking of which, Win Win is a movie starring Paul Giamatti, and the original tune "Think You Can Wait" was constructed by Berninger and the boys for the soundtrack. See an original video of them and Sharon performing, cut in with scenes from the movie (including a few blooper moments).

    Watch the full video at

    Jared Leto as Kurt Cobain

    While we were busy trying to ignore discussing the death of an iconic musician (by still questionable means), 30 Seconds To Mars front-man and Requiem For a Dream star Jared Leto was busy recreating the Kurt Cobain persona on short film as a tribute to his suicide seventeen years ago (yesterday was the anniversary). Although Leto is much more well known for his eye-liner and emo-crooning, he has demonstrating some pretty respectable acting chops (as his junkie character in Daron Aronofsky's drug flick Requiem, for sure). Some might consider this pet project a pitch for a larger work based on Cobain's life, and Leto really does his best to channel the late great Nirvana front-man (and in many cases, succeeds).

    Greg Nicolett's Hollywood Orchestra- "Bad Romance"

    Ever wonder what it would be like if Lady Gaga's music videos were scored into feature films? Apparently an entire orchestra of people did, as we see here in this mashed up video of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" music video and a Hollywood orchestra collaboration. Composer Greg Nicolett, who has experience scoring feature films and television shows (he's worked on Smallville, guys!!) led this symphony interpretation of "Bad Romance". The combined result is actually quite interesting, so take a look at the video below!

    Death Cab For Cutie- "You Are a Tourist"

    For those who don't know, Death Cab For Cutie decided to film a single take music video for "You Are a Tourist" and broadcast the entire event live on Ustream yesterday. Leading up to the actual recording, viewers didn't see much except for an aerial shot of the space, and occasionally heard directors shouting out instructions or a countdown. The end result however, got much more interesting.

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