justin bieber is a girl?
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 07, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    It is confirmed! Justin Bieber really IS a girl! You guys can all high five each other now, and I'm going to go cry to my Jonas Brothers poster and beg them to never do this to me too. Okay, the truth. In actuality, no word yet on whether the real Justin Bieber is a girl or not, but there is another woman out there who has gone to suspicious lengths to look like him considering how confused she seems to be about the similarities. Dani Shay is a regular girl; just hanging out, getting bowl cuts. Except that she is just one purple hoodie away from looking exactly like the Biebs. She also has a talented voice, and decided to use it to vent her frustration over living in a Bieber world where she is just a Bieberial girl. Watch Dani Shay sing her original lyrics about the woes of looking like Justin Bieber, performed to the tune of his hit "Baby", below.

    [Ed. Note: Yikes.]

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