now playing: the happy hollows take on texas
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 07, 2010

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    Photo by Henry Linser. For more shows, check out our photo section

    If we told you it was 12:30 in the middle of a sweaty, dog day afternoon, would you believe us? With our latest concert release, The Happy Hollows give no indication of their role as party starters for our recent throw down in Texas. Some band's might balk at such an early invitation, but we knew LA's most righteous power trio would roll right out of bed and perform with all the mighty and muster of a midnight, headlining spot (which, btw, is the sort of thing they're used to doing). I suppose SXSW just demands some weird things out of the bands that attempt to tame it. All we wanted was a batch of wicked performances. For their part, The Hollows delivered, igniting the fuse on a long day of music with the likes of "High Wire", "Monster Room", and "Lieutenant", to name a few.

    Over the next few weeks we'll be premiering videos for all the bands that graced our stages on that fateful day in Austin. Anticipate performances from the likes of Holy F*ck, Timber Timbre, Jaguar Love, Bear Hands, and more. But first, we thought it'd be appropriate to once again put The Hollows out in front. Woo hoo! - David Pitz

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    The Happy Hollows: Live at the Scoot Inn - SXSW - Austin, TX

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