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    • TUESDAY, APRIL 07, 2009

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    If you have been following of Montreal for any length of time you will know that they are a band that is constantly changing and experimenting with new sounds and ideas. The same can be said about the band's live show. 5 years ago an of Montreal show was no more than your every day concert, except for maybe a little slow motion acting at about the midway point of the set. Since then, of Montreal's live show has expanded to a point where now not only does the band dress up in elaborate costumes, but they use lightning, props and dancers/stunt-men to create one of the most innovative and exciting live shows out there right now. What's even more amazing is that of Montreal does it every night on some of the lengthiest tours around. Baeble was lucky enough to be able to film what has turned out to be one of our craziest shows yet. On with the show! -Greg Lozoff

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    Of Montreal Live at Roseland Theater

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