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    • MONDAY, APRIL 07, 2008

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    An itty bitty part of me always thought Vampire Weekend might have it a wee bit wrong. Sure, their brand of breezy, feel good indie pop is darn near perfect…a fact that continues to keep New York’s finest Ivy Leaguers on heavy rotation at Baeble HQ. But Pirates trump Vampires these days…at least in terms of high fashion. This is something, of course, I can only assume Reading England’s Pete and the Pirates took into account when they penned their namesake.

    Like their Vampire brethren, Pete and the Pirates purge their way through giddy globs of pop…the kind that make their way under the listener’s skin from listen one. Having just released their debut disc Little Death (Stolen Recordings) in the UK, these buckos currently have plenty of European dates lined up. But don’t expect P&P to remain quarantined on the wrong side of the Atlantic for very long. I'd imagine these five buckos are certainly plotting to pillage and plunder America’s bounty sometime in the near future. - David Pitz

    Pete and the Pirates on Tour
    4.8- Nottingham - Rescue Rooms
    4.9- Birmingham - Bar Academy
    4.10- Liverpool- Bar Academy
    4.12- Bristol- The Cooler
    4.14- Manchester- The Ruby Lounge
    4.19- Southend- 2 Chinnery
    4.22- London- HUSH- Royal Albert Hall
    4.24- Rotterdam- Rotown
    4.25- Den Haag- Paard
    4.26- Amsterdam- London Calling- Paradiso
    4.29- London- Kings College
    5.18- Brighton- The Great Escape
    7.4- Redhill- Redfest
    7.5- Winchester-Blissfields
    7.18- Barcelona- Summercase
    7.19- Madrid- Summerase festival

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