Kiki and Indy's Current Music Crush: Swedish Pop Singer Tove Styrke
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 06, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    For our latest episode of Kiki & Indy's Current Music Crush, we had the chance to chat with buzzy Swedish pop artist Tove Styrke. The singer just wrapped her string of shows supporting Lorde on her Melodrama Tour and is now gearing up to hit the road with Katy Perry, no big deal. We were lucky to have the singer stop by the Baeble Studio to talk all about it, plus the release of her forthcoming album and of course, world domination.

    While Styrke seems like a fresh voice on the scene, she's been at it for a while now. I personally was dancing to her one of her early singles "Ego" back when it first arrived on her 2015 album Kiddo. Before that she made her music industry debut on Swedish Idol at the young age of seventeen, which she told us all about, "that was a learning experience - everything I did was for the first time. Since then I feel like I've evolved a lot as a person and I feel like I'm way more confident now. That's the biggest difference and it's so nice to have trust in myself."

    Now she's gearing up for the release of her third album, Sway. "I like the word," she explained when we asked about the title. "The album is a collection of love stories almost - but some of them are not romantic at all and some of them are super romantic. It's like the pros and cons of being in love and being in your feelings. ‘Sway' to me is a very romantic word."

    When we asked her what has been the best and biggest highlight of her career thus far, her answer was nothing short of ambitious, "that's a tricky one ‘cause I'm always just focused on what's next." So, she'll go to Staples Center, then maybe three or four Grammys, then replace Beyoncé, and then… world domination.

    Sway is set to arrive on May 4th (we made a Star Wars joke and Tove admitted she wasn't a fan but she did love that it made her release date easy to remember). Until then, watch our full episode of Kiki & Indy's Current Music Crush to learn more about the pop singer who's just about to cross over to total stardom territory.

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