Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Get to Know the Inductees
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 06, 2017

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will be holding its induction ceremony tomorrow in Brooklyn, and this year might boast one of the most diverse groups of inductees in recent memory. Yes, it's technically a "rock" music award ceremony, but the Rock Hall has always been pretty loose on what falls under the genre. In other words, youll be seeing a lot more than your Dad's favorite bands from the 70s being honored. In fact, there are at least four different genres represented in this year's class: You have the head-spinning virtuosity of prog-rock bands like Yes and Electric Light Orchestra, along with 80s hitmakers Journey and 90s rock trailblazers Pearl Jam representing three decades of rock music, but it doesn't stop there. Joan Baez will also be honored for her massive body of work and for being an integral figure of the 1960s folk movement, and Nile Rodgers will be receiving an honorary Award for Musical Excellence for basically being on every funk or disco record you can imagine, from Chic to Daft Punk. Lastly, hip-hop will be represented this year by one of their all-time best, the Makavelian legend himself, Tupac Shakur. Pac will be joining NWA, Public Enemy, Run DMC, and Grandmaster Flash in the growing list of hip-hop pioneers and innovators honored by the Rock Hall.

    If you wanted a quick introduction to this year's class and pretend like you've known them all for years, look no further this handy little playlist right here. Consider it a "crash course" on why each of these acts deserve to be among music legends, summed up in one song per artist. From prog to gangsta rap, there is a lot of great and wide-ranging music covered in just seven songs. Check out the playlist to rock out and pay tribute to the inductees.

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