Pond is Weird As Usual in 'The Weather' Video
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 06, 2017

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    Pond's new music video is odd, but could you have expected anything else? It honestly would've been out there if they didn't do something outlandish. There isn't exactly anything conventionally strange about the video for "The Weather," which is made entirely out of vintage looking, randomly spliced clips of models, jewelry, wildfires, and fighter planes. It's strange because you have no idea what any of it means, and yet it totally works as a final product. You're just left sitting there thinking, "There's probably a profound idea in there and I'm just too dense to grasp it." Deep existential meaning or not, the music video is at least chill and trippy, which are two thing Pond has always managed to do successfully. Check out "The Weather" video above.

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