Baeble First Play: Shredding With Diarrhea Planet And Hormel Taco Meat
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 06, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    We don't know about you but when we think of stoner garage rock faves Diarrhea Planet, we also think of Hormel Taco Meat. Nothing says delicious taco meat like Diarrhea...Planet.

    Jokes aside, we've got an exclusive premiere of a Jam in the Van session of everybody's favorite garage rockers with a defecatory name. Diarrhea Planet's session (where they play a raucous version of their single "Bob Dylan's Grandma") is sponsored by Hormel Taco Meat, and, man, talk about brand integration.

    Alright, seriously, we'll stop now cause this is actually a killer session (as any Diarrhea Planet live performance tends to be). The band shreds through "Bob Dylan's Grandma" with not one, not two, not three, not four, but five separate dudes on guitar/bass. And Emmett Miller snarls his way through a vocal run that has elements of pop punk to it in addition to the band's traditional stoner garage. Diarrhea Planet are releasing a new album this year, Turn To Gold, and assuming that "Bob Dylan's Grandma" is on the new record, it should absolutely shred.

    Now, we're going to get back to enjoying Diarrhea Planet and some delicious Hormel Taco Meat. (Okay, we're done now. We promise).

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