PREMIERE: Taste The Rock Jelly of Lowin
    • MONDAY, APRIL 06, 2015

    • Posted by: Camille Fantasia

    There's something about this Löwin, a Texas four-piece, that's unapologetic, a little rough, and yet so smooth. We're proud to present their stellar debut EP, Royal Jelly. It's post-grunge, basement rock. Sara Houser's voice has a simultaneous softness and an undeniable fierceness to it. The duality in her voice floats like a windy whisper while melting deep into the holy trinity of drums, guitar and bass. These guys have a solid hold on the craft of their instruments, and they've got a well-formed and unpretentious sense of who they are.

    Formed in 2013, this is a band to watch from the explosive Austin music scene. It's the kind of band you sneaked out to see in high school cause you overheard your older brother talking about them. That's the power of music. It's somewhere in the chemistry of layered instruments, somewhere in the space between people moved to dance, somewhere in the alchemy of a basement; that's where the real power of music is. We need more rock music like this in the world, and we need more people that play like this in the world. Löwin gets it.

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