Paperwhite Embark On the Perfect Family Partnership
    • MONDAY, APRIL 06, 2015

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Paperwhite are Katie and Ben Marshall; a brother/sister duo from Brooklyn, NY. Like fellow borough bands St. Lucia and Haerts, the Marshalls offer sweet, synthy goodness that hits the ears like a desperately needed cold drink from somewhere warm and beautiful. The band recently released an EP dubbed Magic. Though Ben's been at it for a bit (he also plays drums in Savoire Adore), Katie is fresh out of school. Paperwhite is her first serious music project.

    The band recently swung by our place to perform a few songs from the new EP. As is often the case with our sessions, Katie and Ben took things in a slightly different sonic direction, trading synths for our slightly wonky (yet no less charming) baby grand, and programmed beats for the campfire romp of the house cajon.

    Before we release the full 3 song set on you, nibble on a snippet of the performance from our profile on the duo. Here, we learn how a band walks the delicate line between family and bandmates... which is apparently not as hard as some might think. The key is probably that the creative partnership clicks. "Our musical concepts are similar and we have complementary skills," Katie told us. "It's really easy to work together". "We don't think about it that much... that we're siblings," Ben adds. "We are together every day... writing and working on music".

    Have a look at the full interview, a quick snippet of the full-length session (coming Thursday) and do be sure to check out the EP, Magic.

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