Coeds' 'Sensitive Boys' Is Totally Rad
    • MONDAY, APRIL 06, 2015

    • Posted by: Jason Greenspan

    There's a lot of misogyny in music no matter what genre you're talking about, so it's cool to see Austin, TX duo Coeds drop a track like "Sensitive Boys." The wildly saccharine 80's mall-concert anthem calls out boys for thinking that girls are always in love with them, and for being immature when they find out otherwise.

    Merideth Muñoz's sweet, attitude-heavy vocals and Ryan Kalaith's period-faithful instrumentation will make you want to tease your hair and whip out your cassette player. The Phil Collins-esque drums in the beginning are particularly awesome, but the whole track is a ton of fun.

    Take a listen to "Sensitive Boys" above, and check out Baeble's exclusive interview with Coeds below.

    Also, pick up Coeds' Sensitive Boys vinyl 7 inch here.

    You recorded the demo for Sensitive Boys in almost five minutes. Is spontaneity a big part of your sound or did inspiration strike particularly hot on that single?

    Coeds: We definitely got lucky with "Sensitive Boys!" The lyrics were written a couple of weeks before the music and the original melody was quite different. Once we started working on the guitar chords, the lyrics and melody were quickly changed to fit; it all came together so seamlessly. The skeletons of our songs are often written very quickly by Mer but the process of fine-tuning those songs together can take days or weeks.

    Merideth, you went three years without recording music since your last release. How important was it to you to sit down and make your own music again?

    I just wanted to have something recorded that I could actually listen to and say "that's me and I love it!" I never was really able to say that before. Not to say anything I previously recorded was bad, I just felt like it was lacking something or I could only hear the imperfections. I really credit Ryan for helping taking the ideas in my head and making them the best they can possibly be along with something I want to listen to!

    Can we expect more of this fun, synth pop energy on any future releases?

    Our second single, "Videos," is an homage to 80s-era Janet Jackson. Obviously, 80s music is a big influence on our music. Our newest batch of songs still have those synths but we looked to our favorite rock bands, like the Cure and Weezer, for inspiration.

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