animal collective announces additional oddsac screenings
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 06, 2010

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    Animal Collective are screening their art-film ODDSAC a few more times up and down the East coast. And with a name like ODDSAC, you KNOW it's going to be an Animal Collective experience.

    ODDSAC was conceived as a visual album, with complete co-dependence between sight and sound, neither to be released as separate entities. AC teamed up with visual artist and debut filmmaker Danny Perez, who is both new to film (this is his first feature) and ambitious. Of his work with the Collective and his vision for the film: "It was meant to be an open-ended operation of audio-video synthesis, the passing back and forth of visuals and sound so that each would inform the other and create an organic structure". Sounds like some artsy sh*t!

    If you've seen the film, you can skip this part. We showed the trailer a few months ago. It pretty much sums up what to expect, a mix of stark, affecting images and sharp camera angles.

    Tickets are on sale on the official site. The DVD is set for release on 6/26. You know, because drugs should stay in the home, or something. Enjoy! -joe

    Oddsac Screenings

    April 16th
    Philadelphia, PA
    International House
    7pm & 9pm

    April 17th
    Baltimore, MD
    Senator Theatre
    $15, 8pm.

    April 19th
    Amherst, MA
    Hampshire College
    Details TBA.

    April 20th
    Boston, MA
    Brattle Theatre
    $15. 8:30pm & 10:30pm.

    April 21th
    Silver Spring, MD
    AFI Silver Theatre
    $15. 8pm & 10pm.

    April 23th
    Chapel Hill, NC
    Varsity Theatre
    $15. 7pm & 9pm.

    April 26
    Atlanta, GA
    Plaza Theatre
    $15. 7pm & 9pm.

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    ODDSAC Official Site

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