NOW PLAYING: A Bands + Brews Session With A R I Z O N A
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 05, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Last summer, New Jersey electronic-pop trio A R I Z O N A stopped by Industry City in Brooklyn, NY for one of Baeble's Bands + Brews concerts. The three songwriters/producers, Zach Hannah, Nate Esquite, and David Labuguen, arrived with positive attitudes, assuring us before their set that it will in fact, be "lit." (There's actually some footage of that, and I just spent a solid hour looking for it with no luck, sadly.)

    Anyway, the group not only brought great vibes with their attitudes, but with their music. With performances of songs like "Electric Touch," "Oceans Away," and "Cross My Mind" along with several others, A R I Z O N A's perfect blend of electronics, pop, and rock made for a show that was danceable and got the crowd moving. However despite their feel-good style, they proved their dynamic abilities as well with some more emotional cuts, like "I Was Wrong" and the show opener "Annie." Hannah's robotic voice never broke and his stage presence was full of energy. The same went for Esquite and Labuguen, who played so perfectly you'd think you were listening to the studio version of every song.

    "Uh, it is lit," was the extent of Hannah's stage banter. He managed to slip that in between every few songs, and why not keep it simple? He wasn't lying - it was indeed very lit, and you can see it for yourself right here, right now. The band is also opening up for Panic! At The Disco on a huge arena tour this summer, so make sure to get your tix for that.

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