WTF WEEKLY: Chance The Rapper Urged to Run For Mayor + More
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 05, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    1. Fans are starting a campaign for Chance The Rapper to be the mayor of Chicago.

    Chance The Rapper has been doing a lot of good things lately. He put out that really good album Colouring Book, donated $1 million to Chicago public schools (and then had The Chicago Bulls match that generous donation), and created the New Chance Arts And Literature Fund, which will make sure that Chicago schools that are in need of arts programs actually get those arts programs. At this point, it looks like Chance is on top of the good seed food chain. He's most certainly pushing himself to be much more than just a musician - maybe something extra influential like a politician? Heck, he's better than a lot of the mayors we have right now... And he's definitely better than the current president. For an independent artist, I didn't think Chance would be capable of donating so much money. He has reached his limit, except... has he? Apparently, his fans think there's one more thing to do: become the mayor of Chicago.

    The fans have started a petition that goes by the name of Chano4Mayor2k19, which urges the rapper to go up against Rahm Emanuel in 2019. Oh yeah, there's a Chano For Mayor website, and on it, his fans write, "Hey Chance, We think you'd be a great mayor. We love your music -- we've been following your career from the first 10 days. We also love the work you've done to give back to the city that raised you. You represent Chicago on the world stage and you do us proud... We think if you ran, you would win. And if you won, you would do a good ass job. ... You'd send a message that Chicago is ready for a new generation of leadership." They give a list of reasons why Chicago public schools need a change (the main one in a nutshell being that Emanuel sucks while Chance rules) and even quote his songs to help with the theme of the site. It's getting some Twitter love too. You know that saying, "Dont feed a stray cat," or whatever? This is a good example. I think Chance running for mayor would be a dope thing and all, but damn y'all, he was trying to do a nice thing and now you're asking for more?! #Ballllzy.

    2. Beyonce might join in on all of the live-action Lion King remaking fun.

    AH, IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! Beyonce's preggo performance at this year's Grammys was actually her just foreshadowing her role on the live-action remake of The Lion King! I have to admit Bey, you almost fooled us there, but it all makes sense now: the all-gold everything, the mane, the fierceness of it all. You're actually gearing up to be a mother fucking lion! And just when I thought you've done it all, much like Chance The Rapper, you are exceeding the limits.

    So it's not confirmed yet, but there are rumors, and it would make sense, since Bey is not a human but actually a weird robot with no "off" switch. Of course, the producers would have to wait until she gives birth to the marketing strategies - I mean twins - but she's Beyonce and I'm sure they wouldn't mind postponing for her. The director, Jon Favreau, said he's willing to work on both projects at the same time (the other being The Jungle Book) so I guess that also means he's willing to wait for her.


    beyonce the lion king

    3. Father John Misty gives the weirdest performance on German TV.

    Father John Misty has been making quite the press run lately to promote his forthcoming album Pure Comedy (out this Friday 4/7), and said press run has included a lot of ridiculous things. He released a bunch of untitled "Generic Pop Songs," has stated that he is "a meme, not Ed Sheeran," released this weird video, and so much more.

    However one of the main things that popped out to me was not something he said, but the way he performed his song recently. He made an appearance on Neo Magazin Royale, a late night German TV show, and performed the album's title track along with "Total Entertainment Forever." The performance of "Pure Comedy" was weird. It featured an extremely close up shot of Misty sporting hot pink sunnies, bathed in matching neon lights, seeming to coordinate all too well. The instrumentation was switched up too, with little percussion and a lot of help from an orchestra. Then we see his face transposed over the pianist. It's dramatic. Cheesy. But all executed so well. Germans, amirite? They have all the best stuff: good chocolate, good senses of humor, good potato pancakes, good gingerbread houses, and now exclusive video content of Misty being weird AF.

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