10 Artists You Will Love If You Are A Tame Impala Fan
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 05, 2017

    • Posted by: Alyssa Torres

    If you love Tame Impala, then you're going to love the 10 other bands. Oh psychedelic rock - it distracts us from our own reality and gives drug usin' hippies a real good time. Filled with synths, echoey guitar riffs, and spacey vocals, this genre is made for the dreamers, and of course, one of the biggest bands in the psych rock game right now is Australia-based Tame impala. Mastermind and frontman Kevin Parker, creates a diverse sound so that when you hear one of their songs, you instantly know it's them. But they haven't had a record out since 2015's Currents, so it's time to give some other bands a chance. Check out our choices below.

    1. Pond

    This band is the closest thing to Tame Impala, due to the fact it has three members from it! The last album they released was Man It Feels Like Space Again and they're gearing up to release their sophomore album, The Weather, on May 5th.

    2. Unknown Mortal Orchestra

    Frontman Ruban Nielson and his band can easily go from "So Good at Being in Trouble," a soothing, smooth song to "Multi-Love," something much more quirky and vibrant.

    3. King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard

    With a wild sound, wacky guitar riffs and rebellious vocals, this band isn't afraid to experiment. Also from Australia, this band was formed 2010 and has released nine full length albums.

    4. Streets of Laredo

    Streets of Laredo is from New Zealand and Tame Impala is from Australia, so it's basically the same thing, right? ...But in all seriousness, this is a super fun and quirky band with an energetic singer who will get you pumped up and slightly psychedelic guitar riffs that will trip you out.

    5. Temples

    A beautiful blend of cultural sounds and layered synths...

    6. Foxygen

    Featuring fuzzy, sweet vocals complimented with 1960s influences, this duo has a very chill sound that experiments with samples and unique pairings of instruments.

    7. Goat

    Tribal and earthy, Goat might just give you InnerSpeaker vibes.

    8. Neon Indian

    One of the more electronic-heavy musicians on this list, Neon Indian is super experimental and danceable, and could still pass for psychedelic.

    9. Chris Forsyth

    One word: classic.

    10. Melody's Echo Chamber

    Supple, youthful vocals fused with dreamy guitar riffs and stunning progression that echoes like her name.

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