Play Ball With The Melvins
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 05, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    American hardcore icons (and one of Kurt Cobain's favorite bands) The Melvins debuted another timely track to celebrate MLB's opening day, which is set to be on the upcoming album, Basses Loaded, due June 3. They perform their own sludgy rendition of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game," adding to the sense of double entendre of the album's title.

    To add a refreshing element into the Melvins' usually mix of things, Basses Loaded is actually a concept album in which the band collaborated with numerous guest bassists from a wide variety of like-minded bands, hence the album's pun title.

    While this track's release is more of a gimmicky tease than an actual Melvins song, it's something they can get away with, and it's a funny approach to take when coming up with a closing track for the album. In some ways, this concept album is a tongue-in-cheek embellishment of the Melvins' constant revolving door of bass players being taken to the utter extreme, incorporating bass work from Steve McDonald (Red Kross), Krist Novoselic (Nirvana), Jeff Pinkus (Butthole Surfers), Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle), Jared Warrenn (Big Business), and Dale Crover. Their Bandcamp page reads, "Six bass players? Is this a joke? What IS the deal with these ceaseless idiots? Can't they just settle in and be happy with ONE line up?"

    Jokes aside, the Melvins have been remarkably hard at work as seasoned sludge rock veterans, and Basses Loaded is sure to have some fresh takes on the sound they've come to master so well.

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