How Open Mike Eagle Shines A Spotlight On Smartphone Culture
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 05, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    Open Mike Eagle's "Check 2 Check" is a witty approach that takes one silly idea for a rap, and just completely hits the nail on the head about exactly what's wrong with smartphone culture. In many ways, we're always living check to check, living vicariously through our smartphones by constantly checking updates as life goes on around us, and he's got a great point. In the accompanying video, he goes through his daily activities doing everything through his phone, only much worse and without paying attention. He's an embodiment of the end result of what both work and social life has in many ways become, and through his wit he blows it up to cartoonish proportions.

    In a super-brief track that lays done one verse after another, he even caters in what's most likely a self-aware parody of people's short attention spans by cramming fast-paced bars into about two minutes all while keeping up the satirical wit that makes his music so appealing.

    Like many of the other tracks on the album Hella Personal Film Festival, "Check 2 Check" offers a great social commentary that's so badly needed by too many people, and he pulls it off in a way that's interesting, refreshing, and lighthearted, which is a really fun approach that few people have taken from such an angle.

    For that reason, it's incredibly hard to compare Mike's clear-headed and upbeat takes on a ton of issues to any other rappers. Mike makes something great out of challenging the meaningless qualities of every-day drudgery in favor of asking important questions that easily resonate with people looking for a bigger sense of sober approaches to life.

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