This Week in Music: The News in 13 Sentences
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 05, 2013

    • Posted by: Stephen Cardone

    Staying on top of the latest developments in the music industry can be tough. Sometimes so much can happen in a single week that big news can get lost between the cracks. We're here to refresh your memories by reminding you of what happened this week in always quick, often snarky sentences.

    1) Jim James got mystical and assumed his identity as a well dressed rock god for his performance at Hype Hotel

    2) The Kopecky Family joined the ATO family and put together a mixtape for us, just to celebrate the occasion.

    3) James Blake collaborated with RZA and Big Boi, proving he has way more street cred than your average Brit white boy.

    4) Anthony Gonzalez of M83 might just make Oblivion worth watching.

    5) Phoenix continued their lounge act and chilled out in front of a green screen.

    6) Chk Chk Chk nail disco sexy with "One Girl/ One Boy".

    7) Olafur Arnolds proved he's pretty internet savvy with his Reddit AMA.

    8) The Veils are officially kicking ass.

    9) Reclusive geniuses Thom Yorke and Nigel Goodrich shared a bat shit crazy NYC experiment.

    10) Little Green Cars made us want to drop a curdling shot of Baileys into a pint of Guinness.

    11) The announcement of the nostalgia drenched CBGB movie signals the return of the OMFUG shirt at a Walmart near you.

    12) White Fence reminded us that you can make Beatles inspired music without completely ripping them off.

    13) John Denver inspires one of the best recent compilations around.

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