Stream: Lana Del Rey
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 05, 2012

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    It's not the best sign for an artist when we consistently prefer the remixed versions of her songs to the original artifact. Still, it seems like a week doesn't go by where some DJ or producer doesn't add their own spin on a Lana Del Rey track that is leagues better than its source material. Producer Blood Orange got his hand on one of the few redeemable tracks from Born to Die, "Blue Jeans," and this is the way the song was meant to be heard.

    Much like the Clams Casino remix of Florence and the Machine that we brought you a couple weeks ago, Blood Orange takes an already great track and turns it into an atmospheric and brooding beauty. One of the biggest complaints about Born to Die was how repetitive the production values were. Someone should authorize an entire album of remixed tracks by different producers because so far, they've been consistently impressive. Blood Orange's take on "Blue Jeans" may be the best of all of the remixes so far.

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