new music: the head and the heart
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 05, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    In this turbulent emotional roller-coaster called life, us people tend to put our heads and hearts in direct conflict with one another in all types of situational comedy (or drama, but mostly comedy in retrospect). One thing is for sure, The Head and the Heart (the band) seem to take this push and pull of everyday existence and extrapolate it into glorious, shimmery tunes filled with squishy feelings and other nice stuff, just the way good music should move us from bummed to better.

    Like a few of our recent new besties (see: Rural Alberta Advantage), these guys formed at a fortuitous open mic event, at Conor Byrne in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. It started with Josiah Johnson and Jonathan Russel as the core songwriters, and later added violinist Charity Rose Thielen, Drummer Tyler Williams (who dropped his band in Virgina after Jon mailed him a demo and relocated to join up), and funnily enough, the bartender working that night at Conor Byrne (he offered to play bass, it just felt right).

    Being a North West outfit and writing tasty tunes, it's only natural the band gravitated towards Seattle's hub of hefty guitar toting minstrels, the indelible Sub Pop. Check out a video of them wandering through the snowy woods below (trust us, it's the perfect backdrop). Also, below that, grab an MP3 for the low low price of an email address.

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