mp3: childish gambino
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 05, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Donald Glover is known for his role as the goofy college kid Troy Barnes in NBC's Community, and before that for his stint as a writer on 30 Rock. Add rap-game to his swiss-army knife of talents. A few months ago we discovered Glover's knack for rhyming under the name Childish Gambino (even including him on a mixtape or two, you know, because jamz). His latest track, "Break", is a rehashing of Kanye West's now anthemic stadium-destroyer "All Of The Lights", opening with Gambino's admirable singing efforts and a subtle guitar transcription of the original song (soon after transitioning into banger status). New rap essentials. Grab it below.

    "After this I hit the highway/I heading west like I'm f*cking blowing Kanye". Ha. Got jokes.

    Pictured above: the image posted on Glover's site with the track. Most likely an NYU dorm room (I'd know that furniture anywhere). Donald went there, and he WOULD have the world's coolest room. Combination TV/DVD tube with videogames on FTW.

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    MP3: "Break"

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