guest apartment session: the postelles
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 05, 2011

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Within the first few moments of their session at Rockwood Music Hall, it's fairly obvious as to where The Postelles hang their fedoras. There's just too much downtown boogey bopping about in their street smart grooves to be confused as the product of any other place BUT New York City. These four, stylish young lads are life-long Manhattanites, practically born and raised in the beer drizzled bars of the Lower East Side. Actually, in a musical sense they kind of were, gigging their way 'round the city even before freeing themselves of the shackles of high school.

    Diving into their music, the city's pace and influence is obvious and profound, shuffling about in the jangly fuzz of the frets, ready steady drum rhythms, and ear catching vocal melodies that naturally inhabit any song they take to. Nothing too fancy...not need for it, really. The Postelles take queues from the best musical offerings of recent generations - 50's rock and roll, 60's mod, and 70's punk, for example - propping up their plug in and play influences like some noble mission to assure their idols are never truly of a bye gone era.

    So The Postelles keep their heroes alive in this Guest Apartment style session captured during our run on Rockwood last Fall. The video serves as a tease of sorts; the band is set to release a long awaited debut album this June via our friends at +1 Records. Produced in part by The Strokes' Albert Hammond Jr, the album is sure to introduce the band's crafty and infectious batch of rock and roll to the masses. Here's your chance to stay ahead of the endearing introduction to a band we're pretty damn excited about.

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    Guest Apartment Session: The Postelles

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