Sabrina Claudio Won't Let You Down in Her New Single With Khalid
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 04, 2018

    • Posted by: Elissa Fertig

    Sabrina Claudio has been seducing our hearts and ears since her 2017 EP Confidently Lost and her newest single "Don't Let Me Down" is made all the sweeter by its feature with Khalid. Together the duo have teamed up to create a sweet, soulful jam that feels like the a breath of fresh air from the Bahamas, or somewhere happier and more tropical than the soulless New York streets I am currently writing from. Filled with Claudio's ethereal, whispering voice that so elevates all of her songs and a hooky verse from Khalid, the tune slides up on you like a tropical breeze.

    About her collaboration with R&B pop's greatest darling Khalid, Claudio said in an interview with Beats 1, "I had the whole song written...but I was like, ‘this is missing something,' Khalid came to mind and I just sent him the, ‘tell me what you think...if you're willing to jump on it, I'd be honored.' The next day he came to the studio and wrote and recorded his verse in an hour." The song moves and sways like an ocean tide, filled with trilling mallets and Claudio's voice spinning in and out of Khalid's. If you're feeling like spring break came too early and you might just need a vacation again, put this one on for a free trip to a breezy tropic island. You will not #ragret.

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