Now Playing:  The Brotherly Bond of Half The Animal
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 04, 2017

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Yesterday we promised you an early splash of summer sounds, courtesy of the infectiously lovable, SoCal pop rock band, Half The Animal. Today we're making good on that promise, delivering three casual and cool, acoustic versions of the band's West Coast, summer anthems.

    During the session, the performances of the band's singles were to die for, obviously. But lead singer Chase Johnson makes for one hell of an interesting, interview subject. He's candid about both his history on television (uh, MTV's Laguna Beach anyone?) and some of the rough stuff he went through growing up. "I felt like I lost my youth a little bit," admitted Johnson. But he found purpose and kinship in his music...ever more so after solidifying the lineup of Half The Animal. They are close as brothers, and it shows in both their music and the way they interact both on and off camera. Also, they're really funny! Like really, really funny. These guys should be your new favorite band. So watch the session and conversation and fall in love with a few new songs that will be fueling your summer soundtrack come June.

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