GEAR TALK TUESDAY: The Tool That Will Widen Your Sound with Norell
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 04, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Hot off the release of their new EP, IY, Copenhagen electro-pop trio Norell are one hell of a production team. With their music, they don't limit themselves to one genre and they create their very own universe for listeners to explore. And fortunately, we got to talk to them about one of the pieces of gear that helps them form their sound - TrueVerb by Waves:

    norell gear talk tuesday

    "We've been using TrueVerb by Waves for about a year now. It's a fantastic tool to widen and give your sounds a dusty feel. We use this plugin on all of our tracks. It is very easy and simple to use and it works like a dream," the group explained to Baeble. "TrueVerb is of course a reverb plugin but we mainly use the early reflection part of the plugin. This is great for rounding off the high frequencies, which is helpful when you wanna do a distorted or pointy sound."

    They continued, "We rarely use the actual reverb in the plugin, but when we do it is mostly for making drums sound less midi and vocals merge together with the track. We like to sample a lot of wacky sounds from weird instruments. It is pretty normal that our samples in the beginning have some bad quality to it. TrueVerb tends to fix that while still keeping the origin of the sound. It has really helped us make our sound become more organic and pop out of the speakers." It seems like a pretty fantastic trick for aspiring producers, so we hope you put this one to the test.

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