New Music Video: Plants and Animals
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 04, 2012

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Montreal trio Plants and Animals released their album The End of That a few weeks back, but it's with the their video of the same name that we're only just getting a taste of it. It's a twangy, confessional cut, full of casual aspirations ("We're just typical people/We're hoping to be friends, do cool stuff and be equal") and desires to kick the unhealthy habits (cocaine, negative thinking, etc), all delivered in singer Warren Spicer's slight, hippie draw. The video itself is a vintage wonder, evoking cheesy, throw-back variety hour kitsch. Directed by Joe Cobden.

    We hosted the band back in The Guest Apartment days. Have a look at the charming performance.

    Watch the full video at

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