snl: sir elton john
    • MONDAY, APRIL 04, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Elton John hosted and performed on Saturday Night Live, this past weekend. Thankfully, the program surprised with the cameos of Will Forte, Tom Hanks, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Carmelo Anthony. The entire episode was plagued with overused gay comments and crappy British accents, but what else is new? Amongst the simpleton garbage were a few good skits and admirable musical performances.

    There's nothing better than early morning ESPN. Poker, bowling, and womens' sports seem to be the go-to program fillers. If you're as sick of Dick Vitale as we are right now, you'll find this mockery of sports casters enjoyable.

    Supposedly "Sir" is a pretty prestigious title over in the UK. Looking at the collection of notable "knights" around this table furthers monarchical skepticism. (Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife! The irritable goons, Samberg and Bono, have mutated into one, annoying super creature!)

    Armisen proves Monty Python's superiority over SNL when he dresses up like a chick, and even more so in this, when he's the Queen. Apparently under Elton's pink sequence coats was a Johnny Rotten t-shirt.

    Elton John may not have a knack for comedy, but he sure as hell can play that piano. He played his classic, "The Bitch Is Back" as well as "Monkey Suit" and "Hey Ahab" (the latter two accompanied by fellow piano rocker, Leon Russell).

    Next weekend, SNL will welcome another aging, British temptress as Helen Mirren hosts alongside musical guests, Foo Fighters.

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