behind the streams: gimme my gtv
    • MONDAY, APRIL 04, 2011

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    The non-cable/broadcast media programming world feels like digital oppression, like we should all be tearing up the pavement outside the traditional media castle and yelling "I want GTV (Google TV)". We should be campaigning to throw the networks and huge cable operators out of their primacy and usher in a new era of everything "On Demand", just like MTV thirty years ago empowered a generation to identify with the slogan "I want my MTV."

    I am tired of being told what I can watch on cable and being made to pay for channels I never watch. Why am I forced to pay $5 per month for ESPN as part of my cable bill — I never watch ESPN (I know, total guy-heresy, but I have four daughters). Why do I have to scroll through the Oprah Winfrey Network, Oxygen, Hallmark, MSNBC, CNBC? And why here in Manhattan am I forced to watch a few seconds of NY1 before I change the channel every time I turn on the television? Even more until a few months ago I was tired of being told I can't watch Baeble's programming on anything other than a PC. Finally, that restriction is no longer a concern.

    Emerging programmers, like us, start the day with "I want my GTV." The GTV revolution (along with all the other connected devices) is long overdue — We have been hinting at it for more than a decade with WEB TV and other fractious offerings. It's time to make a very cheap investment and stop letting your local cable operator choose what you get to watch. Cable TV and its bundled model is a dinosaur (which may take years to go extinct), but it is nonetheless destined to become the fossil fuel of the new millennia, boiled down to power a variety of advanced offerings.

    One of the beauties of having four children is that they are a built in R&D department for early adopters. The older two love the cable in the house for big events; The Super Bowl (with their dad) and Glee on Tuesday nights. But talk to them about how at some point in their not too distant futures they will have to pay their own cable bills to watch these programs and their eyes glaze over. When faced with this pay-wall, they retreat to their laptops and watch Hulu or recently stolen streams on Megavideo. The younger two have their own cable-less media empire; a combo DVD / VCR for the long tail Disney library, and a digital antenna for everything else. The older of these two, at 12, just made a serious case for why she needs a Google TV or Roku box to round out her entertainment suite. She charmingly led with Baeble (but really wants Neflix) as the added value to her electronics. My personal media lab tells me that it's time to short Viacom and Time Warner Cable.

    The change is going to take years as these new consumers mature, but the younger generation is certainly at the edge of a completely different media landscape.

    Why we all are fired up? Google TV and other platforms like it are forever changing the media landscape. They solve the problem that has been plaguing companies like ours, like access to the audience. Google TV and its peers turn the world on its head they, Smart TVs and the endless array of devices and solutions to come dis-intermediate the cable packages and bring a new era of choice to us all. With Google TV, Time Warner isnt telling me what to watch and charging me for the privilege. Google TV and others like them allow Baeblemusic direct access to customers on a global basis in their living rooms, front and center, with an easy to navigate interface.

    Here's what we offer our audience Can MTV do this???

    On the Web -- All our video programming plus great editorial and the entire context you might want.

    An iPhone app with all our singles to keep you in the loop and connected.

    In the Living Room
    Divx TV
    Google TV

    Plus more to come.

    So let's all rally for this generation — old media is dead — I want my GTV!!

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