A Little One On One Time With The Veronicas
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 30, 2015

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    The Veronicas are out of this world. In a recent conversation with Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, the sisterly duo joked that they, "spent a long time on Mars." OK. Go on... "Mars is the male planet," Jessica explained. "We were there for a little while. We learned a lot about the male race, and then we jetted back to Venus, to do our music."

    Huh. OK. So [Ed note: Just to avoid any confusion that we've made first contact with alien life. Our offices are in Brooklyn, not Area 51], this sisterly duo actually hails from Australia. But, I swear, every time I look at a map of Oz, it might as well be several worlds away. It's just so isolated and completely cut off in all direction by a lot of blue...the ocean. This national solitude, combined with what the girls describe as a more laid-back lifestyle than the go-go USA, creates a musical incubator of sorts. "You have time to sit with whatever you want to be creating musically," Jessica told us. Look no further than the Aussie legends Jess and Lisa name check for definitive proof. INXS, The Vines, Silverchair; The Veronicas were raised on rather definitive, local inspirations.

    While the band counts time in their home country as an asset, they recently found themselves with way too much of it in the run up to their recently released, self-titled LP. Beginning work all the way back in 2010, the album was originally slated for release sometime in 2012. But major problems with their label ensued, eventually shelving the release entirely...or at least until the band could break free of their major label shackles and find a new partner. It would take a couple years to break their imprisoned songs out of the joint.

    Most bands generally give the self-titled treatment to their debut album. Given the personal challenges the band went through to release the new album, titling the album The Veronicas seems appropriate now. This record is very much a re-awakening of their musical career, and a re-introduction to one of the world's most exciting pop bands.

    In conversation, it's clear the band are enjoying their most recent opportunities more than ever...perhaps the result of feeling so out of control for so long when it came to their career. "To experience performing our music for people who want to hear [it]is a thrill to this day," asserts Jessica. "It never gets old for us to be up there telling our stories."

    Those stories seem to source a lot of subject matter from the sisters' personal lives. Whether it's a devastating break-up song or fiery fit of empowerment, one gets the sense that The Veronicas don't have to search too far for their source material. Not surprisingly, they have big expectations for how their highly personalized music gets received. "If people are hearing this collection of songs that we've created, or really any of our music, I just hope they find their own healing in whatever the story is," Jessica tells us.

    "Actually, the worst thing someone could get from our music is for them to feel mediocre," Lisa adds. "That's so boring. We want our music to move people. Whether it's [that] they hate it, fine. "Whether it's [that] they love it, they feel inspired, they want to go change the world, they want to go tell someone they love them. Whatever it is, I want it to move them and inspire them."

    We're pretty sure you'll feel something. Have a look at our gorgeous, stripped down session with the band and be sure to give their new, self-titled album a spin.

    The Baeblemusic Session with The Veronicas

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