The Specials Fulfill Ska Legacy at Hype Hotel
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 30, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Take yourself back to 1978 - you're sitting in your mom's basement with a pork pie hat propped above your brow as The Specials' self-titled debut spins round the turn table. Did you ever imagine this band would be together 35 years in the future, jamming "Do the Dog" and "Monkey Man" in front of a hop-heavy crowd of 20-somethings at a major music festival? So much has changed in music throughout the past three and a half decades, however, the ska-founding revolutionaries The Specials have not.

    We caught the well-dressed, two-toned crew down in Austin, Texas where they well-deservedly occupied a major time-slot during Hype Machine's Hype Hotel. We all have a little bit of ska running in our blood, and it's all thanks to these fine forefathers.

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