Stream: Usher
    • MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2012

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Have you ever heard a song that you want to hate the second you hear the first couple of notes, but by the end, you sort of love it? I had a similar reaction the first time I heard "Bad Romance." I hadn't actually listened to any of Lady Gaga's music before that moment and the over-the-top synths and nonsense syllables grated. Yet, I find no irony now saying how much I love that song (and most of The Fame/The Fame Monster). Usher's got a new track with a slick rap verse from Rick Ross whose sheer clubbiness made me want to turn away in disgust, but by the time the song is over, I couldn't help but dance in my seat. It's a hell of a fun track (possibly the best thing I've heard from Usher since "Ignition") that is only sullied by one tacky Trayvon Martin reference from Rick Ross.

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