t.g.i. mixtape 57
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 2010

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    Today I am helping my friend move from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Yikes! Exercise! Walk-ups! Consider yourselves blessed, people who live in flat places. Luckily I only have to drive the U-Haul truck, one of my favorite mundane activities that people generally hate. I'm a weirdo. Anyways, I guess what I'm trying to say is we need some driving music today! Put on your sneakers and POP IN THIS MIX.

    Have fun! Wear a seatbelt! -joe

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    1. "Castles In The Snow" - Twin Shadow
    This guy is currently recording with Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor, for a full length LP later this year. For now enjoy the smooth electro-sonic sounds of his early demos, which are a pretty good indication of AWESOME to come.

    2. "Fembot" - Robyn - Body Talk Pt. 1
    Great new pop flying in from overseas, which you already own if you follow our MP3 posts. Robyn is awesome. Normally I'd be wary of goofy names like "Fembot", but the chorus is so undeniably poppy and catchy. Every time I get to "flips and switches" I get giddy.

    3. "Wait Up (Boots Of Danger)" - Tokyo Police Club - Champ
    TPC are high up there on my list of go-to records, their early EP being one of my favorites of the past five years. So news of their second full length is more than welcome in my daily RSS feed, not to mention some of their tracks floating around the interweb. This is just one of many that will rack up playcounts on my iTunes, I'm sure.

    4. "Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk" - The New Pornographers - Together
    This is my favorite song from Together, which is my favorite new record of the week, thus making this fit for the middle of my favorite songs of the week. FAVORITES. I'm still trying to incorporate "Byzantine" into my everyday speech without sounding like a hipster (hint: impossible unless a scholar of some kind).

    5. "Sole Brother" - Born Ruffians - Say It
    I don't know how to explain my enjoyment of Born Ruffians other than a strong preoccupation with slightly odd riffs and voices that sound almost out of tune, like a whirlwind, so close to out of control.

    6. "Tell 'Em" - Sleigh Bells - Treats
    1. This band is very in you say, blogsters? 2. I'm not sure I like it yet, but I submit it for your judgement.

    7. "Flash A Hungry Smile" - Mystery Jets - Flash A Hungry Smile
    These limeys write a catchy tune, and I don't think they are very widely known in the states (yet). I'm hoping to help change that before they go all Blur and write a song specifically for Stateside conversion, only to subsequently hate the sh*t out of it even though we all love it to death.

    8. "Heart to Tell" - The Love Language - Libraries
    "Heart to Tell" is the first song we've heard from The Love Languages' forthcoming Merge debut, and it's a good one, complete with gooey blasts of harmonious vocals, Pet Sounds era drum-breaks, and a delicious coat of vintage fuzz. Libraries hits stores July 13th.

    9. "Games You Can Win (Featuring Kenna)" - RJD2 - The Colossus
    Kenna's been a name that's popped on and off the radar over what seems like the last ten years. The latest blip comes in the form of this personal highlight from RJD2's latest offering The Colossus; out now on Electrical Connections.

    10. "Rope an Summit" - Junip - Rope and Summit EP(?)
    Junip, Jose Gonzalez' new rock band, is as moody and hypnotic of a piece as you'd expect from the Swedish songwriter. This is the first bit to surface from the group, and it's got us excited. No word on when we'll hear more, but a tour is in the works.

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