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    • MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2007

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    COACHELLA 2007 - As Presented by YouTube, Bloggers, and Various Websites

    • Voila. Two vids from Arcade Fire's set, courtesy of LAist.

    • Regina Spektor performing "Us," "Samson," "Poor Little Boy," and "Bobbin' for Apples," courtesy of YouTube.

    AT&T's Blue Room promises to offer archived footage of major sets, although the website has yet to make those vids available. Those "Live Performances" on the left-hand sidebar should tide you over in the meantime, though. We recommend the Rose Hill Drive performance. offers a bunch of fan-made videos available, as well as some from Coachella 2006.

    • The Arctic Monkeys have made a YouTube profile and included their entire Coachella performance in multiple parts. Fantastic video quality and killer new songs.

    Rolling Stone is continuing its coverage of the event, although resident funny-man Rob Sheffield hasn't been contributing enough in our opinion. An excerpt from Sheffield's "Coachella Awards" post: "Strangest fashion statement: Carlos D of Interpol, debuting his new mustache, goatee, and string tie. He’s like Colonel Sanders at Transylvania Fried Chicken."

    • Be sure to keep an eye on Coachella's MySpace Page, as media outlets have already begun flaunting their coverage of the event.

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