10 Tinder Anthems to Match You With Your Soulmate
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 03, 2018

    • Posted by: Elissa Fertig

    A while ago we posted about the worst possible Tinder anthems to put in your bio - songs that would get people swiping left in a heartbeat. If you take Tinder seriously, and your Spotify is hooked up to the app, it only makes sense to choose your Spotify anthem wisely. It needs to be the right mix of sweet and sexy so all those random hot single folks supposedly three miles away from you will drop to their knees and swipe right. Get ready for a match made in heaven.

    1. "LOVE." by Kendrick Lamar Ft. Zacari

    This song is like the greatest love ballad of the 21st century. As a millenial, I am allowed to say that we've moved definitively out of the era of boozy Frank Sinatra ballads and into sexy rap songs that have a lot more suggestions for what the singer would like to do with the body of a person they don't know than where they want to go to dinner. No more Beatles-y hand-holding. Everyone loves this song, and it's plenty romantic while still staying catchy and upbeat. You want the people you're matching with to know that you're sappy AND a good time. It's a method.

    2. "Uh Huh" by Julia Michaels

    This song is a little bit of a risk if you're familiar with the lyrics, but at least it's straightforward. "I think you're movin' in too close / but I think that it's my body wanting you the most," Julia Michaels sings in a breathy, seductive voice that's sure to make your future lover swoon as soon as they listen to this tune. Or run away in the other direction fast. Either way, if you've matched with them, you've got your answer.

    3. "Young Hearts" by NoMBe

    This song is not only one of my favorites at the moment - catchy, sexy, and unique - but the lyrics are ultimately very sweet. "You had me at hello / girl I almost fainted," NoMBe croons in the first verse. As a hopeless romantic with very minimal Tinder experience, I can tell you: this song is the way to any person's heart. You'll seduce electronic, indie pop and jazz fans across the board, which are pretty much the only people you should be bothering with anyway.

    4. "Idfc" by blackbear

    This song, while it features one of the most unassumingly sexy voices in pop music today (blackbear) is deeply unromantic. "Cause I have hella feelings for you / I act like I don't fucking care / like they ain't even there / cause I'm so fucking scared". Very relatable but not something you should really be trying to communicate to a future lover. Plus, blackbear, c'mon: there's gotta be a better way to say "I'm really into you" than "I have hella feelings for you". Since Tinder is a strange place where people use their profiles to communicate the blinding double standard of "I don't care" and "I'm DTF", this song is probably appropriate. Just make sure you're not blasting it on Valentine's Day or anything.

    5. "You're the Best" by Wet

    The lo-fi glittering synths of Wet, more melodic and poppy than Marian Hill but not quite as upbeat as Billie Eilish, whisper "baby, you're the best" on the soaring hook of this quietly electronic tune. Sometimes you just need to let the person you matched with know: you're the best. And what better way to say it than with a song? Actually, you could try saying it face-to-face. That could be better.

    6. "Love Incredible" by Camila Cabello and Cashmere Cat

    Our favorite pop star, Camila Cabello, sings about the incredible love she has between tight, heavy beats and flashy autotune in Cashmere Cat's excellent production style. This song is not only pretty trendy right now so your future matches will all think you're super up-to-date, but it's just the kind of message you want to send: your love is incredible. Because as everyone knows, you really can find your soulmate by sending a quick "hey" into the void of the unknown. It's the only way.

    7. "I Want You" by Marian Hill

    Perhaps slightly forward, this song is actually pretty relaxed when you listen to it, in that stripped-down style Marian Hill is known for. This tune will let your future match know that just like your anthem, you wanna strip down with them. Hopefully after they buy you dinner, of course.

    8. "Living Single" by Big Sean Ft. Chance the Rapper

    Everyone on Tinder (well, hopefully everyone) can relate to this song. Sometimes being single ain't so bad, as Big Sean knows too well. You go kid - celebrate your freedom! Swipe on all those other single folks! Why sit in your room crying over your ex with a pint of ice cream when you can do all those things and be swiping on Tinder? Carpe Tinder Diem!

    9. "Stay With You" by Cheat Codes

    If you want to go clubbing with your Tinder date, be sure to put this song as your anthem because it's one of the best club songs out there right now. Cheat Codes doesn't always know what they're doing but when they do it right, damn, get ready to dance your ass off whether you like it or not. "I wanna stay with you / make love all day with you," the song trills, and if that's not the message you wanna be sending, well, you probably shouldn't be on Tinder in the first place.

    10. "Love On The Brain" By Rihanna

    If you had to trust your love life to anyone, it should definitely be Rihanna. BadGalRiRi knows what it's like to be in love or want to be in love - pretty much all of her songs are about this in one aspect or another. Here she's shouting about what's got her feelin' this way, and we all know what you Tinder users have on the brain. It's not love. But this is still a good song.

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