Blood Orange's Multi-Video for 'With Him,' 'Best to You,' and 'Better Numb' is Out Everywhere
    • MONDAY, APRIL 03, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Recently, Dev Hynes of Blood Orange released a multi-video for three Freetown Sound songs - "With Him," "Best To You," and "Better Numb" on Tidal. Now, the video, edited by Hynes, is available everywhere. He's continuing to follow his quiet, gorgeously-colored style. We see different cuts from several different scenes - Hynes and a mother waiting for the cops, Hynes playing cello and piano with friends, and women holding each other in black and white. It's all very somber and every scene looks like it's taking place during a sunrise or sunset. When "Best To You" kicks in, Lorely Rodriguez (Empress Of) enters and suddenly, the video is solely focused on her holding a man (in a romantic sense or just for comfort, we're not sure) as she stares into the camera and sings, and although it's mainly comprised of this single shot, it's also the most captivating. It's suddenly cut off and then we see Hynes on a warm, foggy stage, dressed in a pop of red as he dances all the way until the end. The producer/multi-instrumentalist's visual output has been extremely consistent and beautiful - every piece of work he creates is refreshing, masterful, and maybe even a little bit nostalgic.

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