Out and About: Delta Spirit and WATERS
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 03, 2012

    • Posted by: Malcolm Donaldson

    Last Thursday, WATERS and Delta Spirit went tag-team and together, knocked the socks off a packed Webster Hall audience.

    Opener WATERS (Van Pierszalowski and company) rocked a lot heavier than their lead man's previous project, Port O'Brien-- the six piece filled in the layering onstage, with three guitars working in and out of complex harmonies. Set-closer "For The One," WATERS' most popular song to date, got a roar out of the crowd in its opening bars. While we were sad to see Port O'Brien call it quits a couple years ago, it seems like WATERS is capable of making even better music in the months and years to come.

    Delta Spirit's live act has changed a lot since their very, very good debut album Ode to Sunshine came out in 2008. Some band leaders are fun to watch because they're charismatic and can easily crack jokes on stage, and some band leaders are great because it looks like they wouldn't rather be anywhere else in the world. Matthew Vasquez definitely falls into the latter category. He flew around stage, screamed into his guitar, belted every lyric, and even said they requisite, "I'M SO HAPPY TO BE IN NEW YORK" without any sarcastic wit.

    Delta Spirit's live show is so good because they play every song with all the enthusiasm they can muster. Songs that they have been playing for several years sound just as fresh as ones off of their new self-titled album. It was one of the most consistent concerts I've seen this year-- songs from all three of their albums were satisfying to the loyal audience. "Strange Vine" and "Parade" rocked everyone who was still in love with their old material, along with newer tracks like "Bushwick Blues" and the set-ending single "California." The night showed Delta Spirit moving onto bigger things (literally, if you're talking about the light show and the size of their bass drums) while still keeping that soul spirit alive.

    Check out our video with Delta Spirit from 2008:

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