t.g.i.mixtape: the montreal edition
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 03, 2009

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    Bonjour! Today we have an extra special edition of our T.G.I.Mixtape series for your listening pleasure. It has been well documented that Montreal is a city teeming with young and talented musicians just about to burst onto the scene. What we have done for this week's mixtape is rounded up some of the freshest young artists coming out of Montreal, as well as some of the more established talent, and created a mixtape of 10 amazing songs. Staying true to the spirit of Montreal, we have some English songs and some French songs, and take a look at how peacefully the songs co-exist amongst each other. Ha! -Greg Lozoff

    1. The Coward and the Pelican - Let's Dress Up Again

    To lead us off, we have The Coward and the Pelican's "Let's Dress Up Again". The Coward and the Pelican are a group of fresh faced youngsters from Montreal who are all still in school getting their degrees, yet somehow manage to find time to create some pretty incredible music. In fact, they are on the brink of the releasing their first ever EP, which will be entitled Silhouettes. Please keep your eyes and ears open for these guys and girls as we expect there will be much goodness to come from them in the near future.

    2. La Patere Rose - PaceMaker

    Whether you understand what she is saying or not, there is something about this song that makes you want to listen to it over and over again. La Patere Rose is another new up-and-coming band that has been making huge waves over on the island. It is only a matter of time before the rest of the world begins to take notice.

    3. Hexes and Ohs - Wildfire!

    Hexes and Ohs have been playing all over Montreal for some time now. The band's two members, Edmund Lam and Heidi Donnelly are two extremely talented Montrealers and together they make some really endearing electro-pop songs. Lam is also part of another pretty great Montreal band called You and Me. So while you're at it, check them out as well.

    4. Bell Orchestre - Elephants

    This one is off of Bell Orchestre's brand-new album, entitled As Seen Through Windows. You really have to listen to this song all the way through because the song really kicks into high gear at almost exactly the half-point of this 8 minute orchestral rocker. The rest of the album is quite lovely as well, so check it out.

    5. Pierre Lapointe - Deux Par Deux Rassembles

    This one is from Pierre Lapointe's incredible La foret des Mal-aimes album. It's really sort of reminiscent of retro franco-pop, and if you like this song, be sure to check out Lapointe's newest release, Sentiments Humains, which is out in stores next week.

    6. Patrick Watson - Giver

    Lower Canada College graduate Patrick Watson is among Montreal's most notable musicians. His debut album, Close to Paradise won the Polaris Music Prize (the Canadian equivalent of England's Mercury Prize) and he has just released details regarding his sophomore effort, which will be called Wooden Arms. Unfortunately, we couldn't get a song from the forthcoming album, but this one will do just fine for now. But keep your eyes open for the record as it will be in stores in April in Canada and May in the US.

    7. Coeur de Pirate - Le Long Du Large

    This is a beautiful piano ballad by an up and coming French female musician from Montreal. Beatrice Martin who goes by the name of Coeur de Pirate (Heart of Pirate) has just released her debut self-titled album and it is stunning. The album is available through I-tunes so if you like what you hear be sure to pick it up.

    8. Sweet Mother Logic - Ascension Island

    What do you get when you mix two cellos with electric guitar, drums, bass and elements of electronica? The answer is Sweet Mother Logic. This Montreal 5-piece mixes elements of classical music with rock and electronica to create something that is truly a beast of its own.

    9. Malajube - Porte Disparu

    This one is a repost, as the song was on a previous mixtape. But we couldn't make a Montreal Edition of the mixtape without having a Malajube song on it. Whether you speak English or French, Malajube's newest album, Labyrinthes, is amazing, and can be appreciated by all, regardless of language.

    10. David Martel - Yours and Mine

    Last but certainly not least, we have David Martel's "Yours and Mine". David Martel has been making waves all across Montreal for some time now. Since leaving his band Onlyforward and beginning his career as a solo artist he has put out his most promising music to date. The album is called I Hardly Knew Me and it is full of lovely songs like the one featured here. But in order to fully appreciate David Martel's music you have to see him live. This man was born to perform.

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