Lane 8 Gets Spooky With 'Ghost'
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    Lane 8 is ready to blow. After building his name with a stellar Coachella appearance, the producer/DJ is building off the hype and prepping his first album Rise. After making a name for himself doing remixes, Lane 8 is now focused on his own set of tunes. The album will surely showcase his sense of melody blended with pop and electronica in a dance ready manner. Today the first single arrives in the form of "Ghost" featuring Patrick Baker.

    "Ghost" is a very meticulous song. With pulsing drums and a soft piano lining the song, the electronic jam only continues to build. Baker is excellent on the vocals, but definitely just another instrument to the fold. The highlight is the beat that continually shifts around naturally going from loud to quiet in seconds seamlessly.

    We talked to Lane 8 recently to find out more about the artist.

    How long have you been working on the album? Where did you make it mostly?

    Lane 8: I started working on the first couple tracks, like "Ghost" and "Loving You" in Spring of 2014, so it's been a little over a year now. I made the album all over the place - I recorded a lot of vocals in studios in London and New York, did the bulk of the mixing in my home studio in Germany, and made little tweaks and changes while touring across America and Europe over the last 12 months.

    How did you choose which vocalists to work with? Did you work mostly in person or send audio files back and forth?

    Some singers I have a history with already - with Patrick Baker, who sings on "Ghost", and Solomon Grey, who sings on "Diamonds" & "Hot As You Want", it was just a matter of wanting to work with those guys again because I love them and we work well together.

    For the new vocalists, I essentially sat down with my management and brainstormed ideas of who we'd like to work with, and then they went about arranging for it to happen. I worked in person with every singer except for Matthew Dear - we met briefly in London at the end of last year and discussed a general direction for the track, and then he sent files over until we got it right. I always prefer to work in person because you simply get results much faster that way, but ultimately all that matters is the end result, and both methods can work.

    What have you been listening to lately? Has it influenced your creation process?

    As I put together this album, I listened to a lot of my own favorite albums - from my youth, or recent albums I admire - and I often focused on albums that came early in artists' careers. A lot of the music that I listened to in the last year wasn't dance music, or even electronic music, I was more interested in albums that were captivating in their entirety - anything from Nick Drake's 'Pink Moon' to Arcade Fire's 'Funeral' to the new Porter Robinson album.

    I noticed that on most of my favorite albums, the artists kept it simple, kept it short, and played to their strengths. It's a strategy I tried to emulate for my own album, rather than indulging in lots of experimentation and exploration of sounds and genres outside of what I feel I'm strongest at.

    How was the Internet changed the way you DJ and share and find new music?

    The internet makes it much easier to find music to play in a DJ set, but at the same time, there's so much subpar material being released on a daily basis that it's impossible to sift through it all to find every gem. I've come up with some strategies of where to look for new music so I don't waste a ton of time listening to stuff I'd never play. YouTube and Beatport are my best tools - because when you find one great track, they offer several related songs that are often on the same level. I'll spend hours just clicking through tracks until I find a run of great tunes. I have to admit though, I probably miss a ton of great music that would fit really well in my sets just because I don't have enough time or energy to search for it. But that's OK - it would be weird if I was able to listen to everything that comes out each week, I love when I'm DJ'ing with a friend and they pull out an awesome track I've never heard - it keeps some sense of mystery about our scene alive!

    Sat. May 16 - Helsinki, FI @ LE BONK
    Fri. June 12-Sat. June 13 - Toronto, ON @ Bestival
    Fri. June 12-Sun. June 14 - Chicago, IL @ Spring Awakening 2015
    Fri. June 19-Sun. June 21 - Dufur, OR @ What The Festival
    Sun. June 28 - Novalja, HR @ Hideout Festival 2015
    Fri. July 17-Sun. July 19 - Morrison, CO @ Global Dance Festival
    Fri. July 17-Sun. July 19 - Piercy, CA @ Northern Nights Music Festival
    Fri. Aug. 14-Sat. Aug. 15 - Montreal, QC @ Ilesoniq Festival

    Listen to "Ghost" below and pre-order Rise here

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